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There are many research studies that have explored and continue to explore the science that underlies these powerful techniques.  Here are some links that may be useful if you are interested in knowing more.

The Alternative Medicine Foundation

The Alternative Medicine Foundation is  which was, until September 15, 2010, a nonprofit foundation whose mission is most prominently to provide a reliable source of education and information about Integrative Medicine to the public. Its website is still being maintained as a resource and offers a very useful and informative Alternative and Complementary Medicine Resource Guide.

American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association offers research and background information about the efficacy of Mind-Body Medicine. Follow the link (or paste it into your brower window) to the following articles that provide insight into the scientific basis for this discipline.  There are a number of studies on this webpage including one entitled "How the Mind Hurts and Heals the Body"

Preventative Medicine Research Institute

The research section of the PMRI website lists journal articles, book
chapters, resarch article abstracts, letters, and editorials discussing
the scientific facts that support mind-body medicine. Some
pieces are written by Dr, Dean Ornish who conducted landmark research demonstrating that lifestyle changes can reverse heart disease and prostate cancer without drugs or surgery.

National Institutes of Health

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine offers useful information about complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM) research. The organization, affiliated with the US Government's National Institutes of Health carries forward a national mission to:

  1. To identify and evaluate unconventional health care practices;
  2. Coordinate, support and conduct research and research training related to Complemetary and Alternative Medicine (CAM); and
  3. Provide a clearinghouse to disseminate research results relating to CAM.

Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Research

The Benson Henry Institute, associated with nationally known Massachusetts General Hospital studies and promotes the advancement and clinical practice of mind-body medicine.  Its website offers information on Mind Body Basics  and Mind Body Research for prospective patients, health care professionals and corporate and school-based programs.