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Mind Body Therapy Solutions

Mind Body therapies help individuals relieve physical symptoms and treat illness from a holistic perspective. They go beyond traditional therapies to harness the power of the mind and its connection to the body to facilitate wellness. They offer a bridge connecting physical symptoms, the subtle body and the subconscious mind that play a part in directing them. 

Read on to learn about mind-body therapies that complement traditional treatments to alleviate the pain of chronic conditions such as headaches, sciatica, and fibromyalgia.

Mind Body Therapy Solutions

Mind Body Therapies are based on the whole person, not just the symptoms.  Traditional therapies tend to treat the body like a machined of isolated parts, dedicated solely to their own jobs, in order to function.  Mind body therapies recognize that our body's organs function as an integrated whole.  What affects one part of us, affects all of us.  Therefore, holistic therapies can offer more comprensive solutions than strictly traditional approaches.

Mind Body Therapies differ from strictly traditional treatments in three ways, specifically they:

  • Provide solutions that target the many layers of illness -- body, mind AND spirit
  • Unlike traditional therapies, they offer more than a patch for a tattered body system but work to support and sustain an integrated, whole person.
  • Draw from a wide variety of therapies to restore, support and sustain the body, mind and spirit. Visit our [Read More]

Scientific Evidence

To learn about research studies that explore the science underlying these powerful techniques, please visit the Mind Body resources page.

Mind Body Services

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