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Learn About Chronic Disease

One person’s headache is another person’s heartburn.  Both fascinating and true, the origins and manifestations of physical symptoms are different and unique; despite how similar they may look or sound on the surface.

Your headaches, back pain, irritable bowel syndrome, eating disorders, heart disease, high blood pressure or muscular pain may be signs of other conditions, which are not necessarily rooted in the organ system where the discomfort is located.  For this reason, one size fits all therapies may be helpful but do not have staying power in the long run. Therapies must be aimed at the bottom line causative factors rather than just symptoms.  They must be patient centered rather than disease centered. Therefore, treatment of symptoms alone may not yield satisfactory results.  Substantial bodies of scientific research suggest that sickness and health are rooted in both the body and mind.  Savvy health practitioners recognize physical symptoms as mirrors that reflect imbalances in the mind and spirit.   Research-based mind/body solutions focus on root causes to relieve physical symptoms.

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"Healing is a spiritual journey...what happens to the body reflects what is happening in the mind and spirit."  -  Lewis Mehi-Medrona MD, PhD